Carta is an early stage startup founded by Stanford GSB and MIT alumni that wants to improve hospital operations to improve both reduce waste and improve the quality of care. We think we’ve developed an exciting product and have a fantastic team that is cooperative and passionate about improving healthcare.

Our main product is a downloadable application that uses medical records to improve the data and address common operational problems. We’ve been able to provide much faster turnaround times for analytics teams (in some cases 100x) who are trying to pull data from the medical records. Common interventions improve patient length of stay or reduce wasted supplies from operations. We’ve been working with Lucile Packard and are beginning to scale our offerings to other CA hospitals including Veterans Administration hospitals.

We are looking for someone to contribute to the company working on the website. We built a prototype website and we are looking to make it various browser friendly and mobile friendly. There is also some animation work that we are hoping to get done.

If you would like to work with us, please, reach out!